There’s going to be a mass dance to Wuthering Heights in a few weeks and I’m a bit over-excited about it. Anyway in between attempting to sew Kate Bush’s exact outfit from that music video, I found out a bit of trivia* – apparently its a true fact that the final part of casting the role of Heathcliff for adaptions of Wuthering Heights is you must do a perfect rendition of the Wuthering Heights’ dance in full costume! Here’s photographic evidence of actors throughout the years who have played Heathcliff nailing the choreography  (apologies for my terrible photoshop ability here)

complete 6.pngLaurence Oliver 1939

complete 1.pngTimothy Dalton 1970

complete 3Ralph Fiennes 1992

complete 5Robert Cavanah 1998

complete 2Tom Hardy, 2009

complete 4James Howson 2011

[*I am making shit up just for the record]

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